Social Studies

Creating Your Peru Board Game!

Click on the video link below to see how you can take the facts you recorded last week, and use them to start your own Peru board game!  You should work on this a little bit every day so that:

  • all of your facts are recorded on game cards.
  • you have the basic shape made on your game board.
  • you've added a couple extra instructions in the squares on your board game that are about Peru.

 We'll be continuing to learn some more amazing things about Peru when you come back, so we'll have more things to add to our games later!

How to Make Your Peru Board Game

Studying Peru!

Our last country on our trip around the world is... Peru!  

This week you'll be doing some reading in your text book to find some important facts about Peru.  Next week we'll be using those facts to make our very own Peru board games!  Also, feel free to check out these great videos and websites to explore some amazing parts of Peru!

Macchu Picchu is one of the most interesting places in the world!  Check out these videos to take a closer look at this ancient village built on a mountain top!