Hearing and Sound!

On this page this week, you'll find some videos of me demonstrating our science experiments.  I've also added some links to some very cool videos about how we create sound, and where sound comes from exactly.


Good Vibrations

Sound = Vibration, vibration, vibration! - Watch this video from the science center to see how vibrations can make sounds and move


How Do Humans Make Sound? - Watch this video to see how to experiment with the sounds that we make.

Operation Ouch - Vocal Chords - Did you ever wonder what your vocal cords look like?  Watch this video to find out!


Silly Salt

Amazing Resonance Patterns - Watch this video to see what happens when salt is vibrated by different sound frequencies!

Building with a Variety of Materials

Congratulations!  You have all been accepted into the engineer training program here at BCS (Brant Construction School).  Check out these great websites to learn about the importance of choosing the right materials, building method and strategies for strengthening the things that you'll be building.  None of us want to create another "Gallopin Gertie", so test carefully, choose wisely, and have fun learning!

Once you've finished constructing your bridge at home, please save it to bring back to school for testing!

Construct a Bridge - Can you use strong shapes to span the gap?

Bridge Works - Some materials are not suited to construction, but, can you build a bridge out of pasta?!?

Top 10 Most Famous Bridges - Watch this video to see some of the most amazing bridges in the world!

Basic Bridge Types and Facts - Check this website to see some general facts about bridges!

9 Facts About Bridges You Might Not Know - Visit this website to see some interesting facts about bridge use and history.

Mooving In! - Try out this fun game to stack and layer building materials to make the perfect barnyard home!

7 Wonders of the World - Want to see some of the most famous building of the world?  They have been built to stand the test of time!

Build a Tipi - Try out this game to practice some building methods used by the First Nations people for thousands of years!